Lock-In Healthy Habits To Lockdown Corona-Virus

Mankind is facing its worst ever pandemic, Corona. In no time corona has spread all over the world and it has become a threat to humanity. The best and simple preventive measure that you can take is to stay at home. Countries have imposed locked downs to prevent the community spread of the coronavirus. Though lockdown is announced we all have emergencies and somehow we have to go outside at some point of time, in this lock down period. The one important thing you must remember is to wear quality masks and to follow social distancing.

Why can’t we think positively, in this corona period? Let’s think about the possible positives of this lock down period for a while. Health first will be our new motto because you will have enough time to look after your health. Another positive thing is that you will get quality time to spend with your family. We all were in a busy-stressful life and all of a sudden we all got a great opportunity to spend enough time with our family. Third lockdown is the best time to practise a healthy lifestyle. If properly used this lockdown period will definitely help you to calm your body and mind. Practicing healthy habits can lead to a stronger immune system. Here are some healthy habits you can practice at home to boost your immune system

Eat Healthier

A healthy dietary habit can definitely enhance your immune system. Introduce more fruits, grains, and veggies to your diet instead of having snacks and fast foods. Prefer fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Lockdown time has given you an immense opportunity to prepare healthy homely food to boost your immunity power and fight against several diseases.

Develop Habit of Hygiene

Hygiene plays an important role in strengthening your immune system. Wash your hands thoroughly with handwash, sanitisers, soap and water. Any experts will instantly agree that this is the best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Using sanitizer frequently also helps to fight against these diseases.

Yoga and Meditation

Why not yoga and meditation? Spend your lockdown days more wisely. Practice yoga and meditation for a few minutes every day with some pleasant music. This will calm up your mind and body. Wake up early in the morning and perform ‘Surya Namaskara’ to refresh your soul and start your day. Not just a lockdown period, practising yoga and meditation will help you wipe out all the stress and strains of a busy lifestyle.

Stress Management

Stress can also bring a great difference in your immune system, especially when there are uncertain events happening around you. Yes, this means the fear against coronavirus. Fearing about diseases causes more anxiety and thus results in developing stress. Avoid bothering fake news about coronavirus, unless you calm your mind by reading books or indulge in your hobbies.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep at least for 7 to 9 hours is the best way to remain healthy whether there is a pandemic outbreak or not. While you are asleep, your body will repair the essential functions itself including the immune system. Studies have proved that an improper night sleep will affect 70% of the immunity power.

Get enough vitamin D

Getting enough vitamin D is a good idea to prevent several illnesses. Sunshine is an effective natural source of vitamin D. Studies show that the immune system needs vitamin D to fight against viruses. But it doesn’t mean that sunlight will protect you from viruses when you are outside, it will reduce the severity of the disease and help in quick recovery.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can keep you healthy and boost your mood. As it is a lock downtime, you can do exercises at home like pushups, lunges, burpees, zumba, and much more to sweat-out and stay healthy. While doing exercise, a hormone called endorphins are produced which actually helps to reduce stress.

Hoard Up Your Creativity

Lockdown days are the best time to explore your creative skills. You can spend this time in designing your home, gardening, cooking, painting, and creating decorating pieces. Involving in these kinds of activities reduces tension and stress from your mind.

Praanah Nature Cure urges you to maintain social distance and not to consider the above as the cure for COVID-19. The above-mentioned factors help in boosting your immunity and keep you away from the illnesses, to maintain a healthier body.

Praanah promotes a wide range of naturopathy treatments for an overall healthy body.So, boost your immunity with Naturopathy to stay healthy and safe from Corona!

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