Therapy that harkens back to the roots of naturopathic medicine

Hydrotherapy, also called water cure is used to cure diseases with the help of water. It is commonly used for soothing pains. It is also used to treat arthritis, stroke, burns, spinal cord injuries, musculoskeletal disorders. Different types of hydrotherapy are water circuit therapy, saunas, steam baths, aquatic massage and aquatic exercise. Some of the available water therapies at Praanah Nature Cure Hospitals are

Hip Bath

Hip bath is done for reducing inflammation. It improves hygiene and blood flow to the anogenital area. Hip bath is a must process after vaginal childbirth. This treatment can be chosen if your anal area is very sore. For the hip bath, hot water mixed with salt is used. It helps to remove bacteria in the genital areas. It is also good for back pain.

Spinal Bath

In this treatment, the patient is allowed to lie down in specially designed fibre equipment. The only backside of the patient is immersed in water of the desired temperature. This treatment is used for curing so many diseases like insomnia, hypertension, musculoskeletal diseases and many more.

Arm and Foot Bath

Arm and foot bath method are used to treat many types of diseases like chest congestion, cough and cold, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, joint pains, menstrual problems and removes toxins. Both warm water and cold water treatments are available. During this treatment first, you have to drink a glass of water. After that place a wet towel on the head. And also keep a wet cloth on the chest (around the shoulders). Now immerse your foot and arm in water which covers up to calf muscles for foot and up to biceps for arms. This is a very effective method of treatment.

Wet Pack

This is a procedure or a therapy that helps you to get rid of many diseases. Wet Pack includes 3 stages: cooling stage, neutral stage and heating stage. In the cooling stage, the patient is wrapped with wet blankets. This therapy helps to reduce fever. Here our body temperature is getting removed by the process of evaporation. In the neutral stage, the body is wrapped with a neutral temperature. When the temperature of the sheet exceeds the skin temperature, the patients will be induced to sleep as the amount of blood is lessened in the brain. So we can say that this stage of therapy is sedative. It helps to treat insomnia, nervous indigestion etc. In the heating stage, the temperature of skin increases and as a result the blood vessels in the skin start dilating and it draws the blood from other congested organs. It helps to treat bronchitis, jaundice, influenza etc.

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